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Advanced Marine Aquatics

Manhattan Reefs
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Albertson NY
Hey guys we will be having a ten percent off livestock sale this week. Just mention this post thanks!

Borbonius anthias
Purple firefish
Lemon peel angel
Yellow watchman goby
Neon goby
Longfin mocha
Orchid dottyback
Six line wrasse
Algae blenny
Red Sea desjardini
Ruby red dragonet
Lubbock wrasse
Naoko wrasse
Pintail wrasse
Melanarus wrasse
Smith blenny
Bicolor blenny
Pj cardinal
Royal gramma
Target mandarin
Chocolate tang
Phantom clown
Orange storm
Mocha storm
Snow storm
Wyoming white
Darwin clown
Pink tail trigger
Koi wrasse
Blue side wrasse
Springier I damsel
Masked rabbit
Regal angel
Bangaii cardinal
Ornate leopard
Solar wrasse
Diamond goby
Blonde Naso
Kole tang
Lavartus butterfly
Semi lavartus butterfly
Ebbli angel
Yellow coris
Magnificent fox
Cleaner wrasse
Longfin hawk fish
Orangeback wrasse
Lyretail anthias
Clown tang
Flame angel
Randall’s anthias
Declavis butterfly
Powder brown
Kupang damsel
Fiji foxface
Blue spot puffer
Gold head sleeper
Copperband butterfly
Purple tang
Rosescale wrasse
Bimac anthias
Yellow tang
Zebra angel
Swallow tail angel
Red coris
Elephant wrasse
Juvi emperor angel
Scooter blenny
Whitetail damsel
Starry blenny
Flavo anthias
Honey damsel
Hippo tang
Atlantic blue tang
Marble wrasse
Blue eye Kole
Clown trigger
Panther grouper

Lots of corals and inverts in stock
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