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spykes said:
shaun i dunno but it seems like ppl in itally is dropping alot of hormones into their tank
Now this takes the cake in regard to stupidity! It is almost criminal (in the USA it is!).

Firstly, what a waste of bio-engineering! To make a hormone requires recombinant DNA technology, it also requires skill that is more needed in curing diseases (etc.) than wasting a valuable protein (hormone) in a reef tank. The europeans have way to lax laws in regard to obtaining hormones, which leads to waste and misuse.

Second, we are most likely taking about a mammalian growth hormone. What simpleton thinks that a mammal hormone will work on an invertebrate? obviously the people using the hormones haven't taken a single class in biology! Hormones are species/genus/family specific, they require receptors to bind to, and advanced cellular signaling pathways to transmit the signal (hormones are signalling molecules) to a structured transcriptional pathway/response system. Hormones are a hallmark of evolution and are much less complicated in invertebrates than vertebrates.

Thirdly, let's just imagine that adding a cow growth hormone actually works on an SPS coral within the environment of the aquarium, i.e. high salt, high pH, lower temperature than its active state (this is actually ground breaking from a science point of view and instead of talking about "great SPS growth" they should be talking about nobel prizes and scientific achievement awards revolving around such an achievement). Now you add this purified protein to the tank. It goes into solution and guess where it ends up within 5-10 minutes? Answer: skimmer collection cup.
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