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My wife and I just came back from a talk on MS by my wife's Neurologist who is touted as the best MS specialist on Long Island. Anyway the talk was about the immune system and the MS treatments, especially the new ones. There is a lot of interest now in gut bacteria and how it can change the immune system and how it can alter our immune system. They can now take gut bacteria from a thin person and transfer it to an overweight person and the overweight person will lost some weight and if the bacteria stay viable by introducing new foods, that person can stay thin. They have also had some success curing diabetes using the same procedure.
I was discussing with him (he is also a friend of ours) how my fish are immune seemingly from everything and he agrees it could be from the live bacteria and pathogens in the clams and live worms guts that gets transferred to the fish. This theory of changing gut bacteria is fairly new and even he said that that is the future of medicine. I said, the main reason they are not doing to much of it is because it is not a big money maker for any drug company. I mean Poop doesn't cost to much. :confused:
I am going to ask him if he will help me write an article because he specializes in the immune system and is very knowledgeable about T cells, white cells, macrophages etc.

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