Dripping Kalk every hr????


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I have been dripping fully saturated Kalk / vinegar every hr on the hr and I?ve been testing every afternoon for months and alk been 8
This morning b4 work I decided to check it and it was 7 is it possible that even though I drop every hr 24 times a day that I?m getting a measurable swing ???
The reason I checked is few sps Rtn recently

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I think , will be more safe at night ( low PH) , best on refuge , NOT direct on main tank, depended what kind of Kalka reactor ( stirr) you have, i love Deltec Stirr, i dose ONLY clear water . Do slow , monitor Alk.
A good PH probe and PH monitor help a lot, Bulk reef Supply have a great PH probe.


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if you been dripping the kalk for months and suddenly observed the swing in alk(lowering) then perhaps your alkalinity consumption rate went up.

I also use kalk as my main supplementation. I used the reef chemistry calculator to find out how much kalk is needed for .6dkh daily consumption for my system(3 liters of saturated kalk a day) Its been rock solid.

Of your were having issues either your Alk consumption rate went up or you other elements such as calcium or magnesium are out of whack and caused a shift.

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