Zoas are not opening


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Hi! Most of my zoas are not opening any more. One day I found a orange and black something on one of the zoas that was causing a cob web. I remove this thing and and the zoa got ok, Since then I have found several. My wife have remove 5 today, but they are beige and bl and or. in color. They are the same size(.25 in) to .333). They kinda roll up when you use the tweezers to remove them. I think this is whats going on with the zoas. Any thoughts on how to rid my tank of these tiny creatures.


This might get more attention in the GRD forum, but I'll try and help here.

Can you get a picture of what you're picking off your zoas? They might be zoa eating nudibranchs. If so, a freshwater dip might do the trick.

Does they look anything like this?