Frag Swap Swap Raffle Prizes are Rolling in!


Brooklyn, NY
The Raffle at the swap is going to be straight 🔥🔥🔥. Prizes are already rolling in and we are just getting started. When you're shopping for equipment and supplies, please remember these generous vendors who help sustain this community. And please support MR by participating in the raffle.

Apex EL controller !!!!--- Thanks Neptune Systems!!!

Vectra M2 Return pump--Thanks Eco Tech Marine!!!

ARID N18 Algae reactor!!! ---Thanks Pax Bellum !!!

Great White GW 10 Protein Skimmer --- Thanks Dalua Australia!

(These are terrific Skimmers)

Apex DOS ---Thanks Mystery Donor!

Neptune Magnetic probe rack--Thanks Neptune Systems!

WWC 2x $75 Gift certificates---Thanks World Wide Corals!

Aquatic Life 36’ T-5 Hybrid light fixture--- Thanks Aquatic Life!

BRS 4 stage value + Ro/DI unit---Thanks Bulk Reef Supply!

GHL Doser Maxi (slave) Dosing Pump---Thanks Mystery MR member!!!

Ultum nano tank with filter and light-- Thanks Manhattan Aquarium!

$100 in store livestock Gift Certificate for Manhattan Aquarium---Thanks Manhattan Aquarium!

Tunze Nano Stream 6040 pump---Thanks Tunze!

2 x Polyp Lab Coral View Lens, Reef Roids and other goodie packs---Thanks Polyp Lab!!!

$100 That Fish Place Gift card--- Thanks That Fish Place!

Flipper 2in 1 magnet ---Thanks Flipper Aquarium Products!

Deep Sea Magnified Viewer---Thanks Flipper Aquarium Products!

Benreef Reef Food--- Thanks Benepets!

2 x Triton ICP test 3 pack--Thanks Triton USA!

1 set of Triton Core 7 1 liter--Thanks TritonUSA!

Lifeguard Turbo Reactor nano--- Thanks Lifeguard!

Dr. Tims Bacterial Supplements and Additives---Thanks Dr. Tim!

4 x passes to Reefapalooza NY 2020---Thanks World Wide Corals!

2 x $50 Gift certificates to Live Aquaria---Thanks Live Aquaria!

Several 53g. LA Professional Salt mix—Thanks Live Aquaria!

Box ‘o frags from ACI--- Thanks ACI Aquaculture!

MarinePure Bio filter media (2 Qt.) ---Thanks Cermedia!

Omega Sea fish food assortment--- Thanks Omega Sea!

ICP-Analysis water tests x 6---Thanks ICP-Analysis!

Marine Precision Stream Pump 800--- Thanks Sera!

DNA sequencing "Before/After" bacteria test---Thanks AquaBiomics !

This is a brand new cutting edge approach to figuring out the bacterial load and composition in your aquarium. This is the next frontier. Ever wonder if the bacteria product you added to your tank works as advertised? Now you can find out.

MRC Media Reactor--- Thanks My Reef Creations!

ESV Salt, Carbon and B-ionic---Thanks ESV!

2 x Jebao SOW4 Propeller Pump--- Thanks Champion Lighting and Supply!

ORA box 'O Frags --- Thanks ORA!

Reef Rax Shelf and Corner rack--- Thanks Reef Rax!

Boston aqua Farms Fragging kit---Thanks Boston Aqua farms!

Accura Sea Salt mix --Thanks Two Little Fishies

TLF supplements and additives---Thanks Two Little Fishies!

Sicce 631 Xtreme pump--- Thanks Sicce!

30 gallon Clean up Crew Gift certificate--- Thanks 24/7 Aquariums!

Fragging kit and plugs--Thanks Boston Aqua Farms!

50lbs. of Premium Marco Rock ---Thanks Marco Rocks!

1 Red and 1 Blue box of Fritz goodies---Thanks Fritz Aquatics!

PNS Pro Bio bacteria ----Thanks Hydrospace LLC!

Cobalt food assortment----Thanks Cobalt!

Chemipure Blue, Vita Chem, Chemi clean--- Thanks Boyd Enterprises!
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Astoria NYC
Far all that MR has done for the hobby and all that I learned on this site, Please add me to the list. I will donate a rainbow Anemone if you guys are going to have a tank running for any live donations. Let me know. @prattreef @Josh


Brooklyn, NY
Far all that MR has done for the hobby and all that I learned on this site, Please add me to the list. I will donate a rainbow Anemone if you guys are going to have a tank running for any live donations. Let me know. @prattreef @Josh
Wow that is fantastic! Thanks so much! We will have a tank setup and will be soliciting donations from members soon. Thanks for stepping up on your own. This is what makes MR so great!


Brooklyn, NY
Are we able to know the mechanics behind the raffle eg ticket prices, allowance of vendors and employees to be included in the raffle, any rules in particular as well?
Raffle tickets are all $1-- Buy 10 get 1 free. The Gramma raffle is $10 /$25 for 3. Anyone is welcome to participate, but you must be there to collect your prize. Cash, CC, Venmo or PayPal. I think that's it.