Coral StourysReef - Swap Rainbow Nems / SPS & LPS Pack

Hey guys, I will add some pics later today but I still have a good amount of corals before I move that I can bring with me to the swap. Here is a list of corals that have been 100% aquacultured out of my tank, super healthy and colors speak for themselves. Paypal to hold and PM or text me at (302) 438 - 2577 if you have any questions.

Rainbow Nems - 3 to 4 inches $90
Walt Disney Frags
- 3/4 to 1 inch frags $100 (Pics to come) Also have some multi branches
Jason Fox Raja Rampage - Large eyes (see pic I will post soon with Price)
Pearl Berry - Frag Start at $45 Muli branch $65
Black Mamba Milli
- $45
Pink Milli
- $45
Various Cali Torts - $45 and up
Gold Hammer - $90 a head - SOLD OUT
Hammer Colony
- $130
Phoenix Monti - $25 to $40 depending on size
Iron Man Mushrooms - $30 a head - A lot left
Candy Canes
- $5 a head $7 a head toxic green
Various Zoa Colonies - 30 heads plus for $40
Much Much More....I can add to packs

Packs will be much cheaper than the prices above. Please text me and let me know what pack you would like.

Pics to follow soon.

Quick video of some stuff I still have available



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Here is an updated video of frags and the tank available for the swap on the 17th. PM me or text me at (302) 438-2577 if you want me to put a package together for you.

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