Coral WTB - Zoa Frags (1-2 Polyps)

Hey all, hope you're doing well and thanks for checking this thread out! With a new tank comes a new canvas! I would like to start populating with a dozen or so zoa/paly frags. I'm interested in frags that are lower on the polyp count, but higher in quality and color please.

Seeking out frags of mid end zoo's such as Hally Barry, Buttmunchers, BBEB, Bloodsuckers, Mango fusion, etc. Looking forwards to catching you all at the swap! I will be helping out with setup on Saturday and be at the swap Sunday too for meeting up. Ty ty ty in advance! All my best


Cherry Collector
I have a few 1-4 polyps frags you might be interested in, red hornets tubes blue, nirvana, utter chaos, rastas, purple deaths, tyree rainbows, king midas $10-25 per frag


I have a bunch of zoas on the rack. Everlasting Gobstoppers, rastas, Hallie berries, scrambled eggs, utter chaos, I will throw a few pics up later if you need, and some higher end stuff as well. I can also out together a nice pack for cheap, pm me when u get a chance.


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