Coral High end/low end mushrooms and blue sponge


Long Island
Hi I have the following corals I can bring with me to the swap or pick up before in mineola. Pm for more pics or questions
1st pic magic carpet $60 Price Reduced, now $40 pending
2nd pic Sunkist $70 PENDING
3rd pic Sunkist $70 Pending
4th pic jawbreaker $50 Pending
5th-7th pic are examples of common mushrooms I have $5 each Some sold have more available
8th and 9th are blue plating sponge $10 1 pending, 1 left2B8F26EF-D356-4251-A892-79BCE916E949.jpegC00B76D5-E806-4E5E-AFFB-0033989835AA.jpeg25B87DCA-E272-4199-8F64-891C3B62F31F.jpeg02C70613-39EF-4434-A778-767C76DF61AA.jpeg4ECAB465-3D95-43C8-A961-83AD6260C618.jpeg17A2E7E9-B056-454C-A9F2-FA2896598000.jpegA1AC8E4C-5973-479B-BA31-6814D428AAE0.jpeg6A9A65FF-7D19-4B9D-924A-4F4AB81DD238.jpeg98649611-A33A-4C8C-87D7-8FE87681A79E.jpeg
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For what it’s worth that particular sponge is a really nice, deep blue and it’s photosynthetic. When I had a 120g, I kept it in my tank. I highly recommend it.

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