For Sale Corals Coming with me

I’ll be at the swap bringing a few corlas with me let me know if your interested.

Open to trades looking for hammers acans any nice chubby lps.

1. Rainbow infusion zoa -20

2. Colony of Orange Oxi - 70

3. Utter Chaos - 20

4. Pink Zippers Zoa - 20

5. Purple Monster zoa - 10 (3 polyps )

I have more but looking for see if this catches anyone eye let me know for faster response text me at +15514047608

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More corals that are making the journey

The three hammers at 30 each

Blue bowerbanki is 50

XL chalice 90

garf bonsi booger -15 x2

XxL Symphyllia- 150

Halloween bounce mushroom - 200

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