Calcuim reactor recommendation


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Old Saybrook,CT
IMO, the MTC Pro-Cal is the best Calcium reactor on the market. If you can find a used one, buy it. I'm not sure they're in business anymore to buy a new one.


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I had the procal on my 150g. I was able to swap for a MTC mini cal when i down graded to a 90g. Both work great. i did recently change the pump on the mini cal but its been running for 10+ years (might have changed it once before??). Im just getting back into the sps game but it has been keeping my levels very stable. Vio is rigth the 20+ screws are a Pain.


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Of course i will , NOT give up in my old MTC , help me a lot , i just want to try some dif one, i may be wrong , list i try, i order also APEX to control the CO2 digital regulator , let's see. My goal is ,,,,,,,,NOT to depend 100% of Calcium Reactor, i got also Vertex Libra ( great dosser, i was one of few i buy it , when they release ) I try to introduce less CO2 is possible, my Protein Skimmer ( air intake ) is tide up from outside, my PH is 8.1 to 8.2 , super happy . My Calcium Reactor ( MTC ) run on idle , i like that.


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Somers, NY
MTC Pro-Cal since 2003

modified with PH probe in first chamber
lots of coral in my tank I burn 50 pounds of coarse media a year.............

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