My neighbor


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Where were you Friday?
Lol! Couldn't be me I was at work.

It does look like he was killed days or even weeks before, because there were still branches on the driveway from the strong winds the previous weekend and there were 3 Penny Savers there as well. The man kept to himself, I never saw him outside working on the lawn or anything like that, the only way you knew someone lived there is the lights in the house on and occasionally hearing the garage door open and close when he was coming and going otherwise you'd think the house was abandoned. The only family he had was a brother who I believe lives in California and I never saw anybody visit him. The detectives believe it wasn't random and he was targeted because there were no signs of a break in.
When questioned by the detectives they asked if he had any routines. He did have one were he would get dressed nice but casual and leave in a yellow cab every weekend. My theory is he went to a club or bar every weekend and got chummy with somebody who found out he was retired with no immediate family, word got around and made him an easy target.