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Well that was a big upgrade!

Sorry for the downtime but we needed to update a lot of the software for multiple websites.

If you find problems or seem to have trouble accessing something, please feel free to post here.

Thank you!


Got Reef?
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Thanks for working on the upgrade. Clearly there are some glitches but I am sure they will get worked out. No doubt this will be much better once tweaked.


Clean reef !
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Is there any way you could put in location filters ? I just want to see all the long island posts... very hard to find . I love so much stuff and then i get broken when i see its hours away


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I like the look no one likes change I am sure once the bugs are out everyone will like it.

Few things I noticed. Cant get to the next page on the marketplace it only shows top 10 or sow posts. When I went to reply it made me log in again. I think its a cleaner looking site. Navigation does seem a little off though.


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This new " upgrade" is not great.. when i click on forums and click sale / trade it redirects me to, if you click the home button or market i get page not found 404.

From home page if i click on markets it takes me to like quick 20 view but not able to see the other pages. not a good upgrade..

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