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Manhattan Reefs
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Hey Everybody, I'm really psyched to be hosting all of you again. It's been way too long and we're planning a terrific event. There will be a lot of updates and information forthcoming as we move closer, but I do want to highlight one thing now. The reason we stopped doing events at Pratt is because the Student Union has been under major renovation. It is finally open and is a totally transformed space in many ways. It has taken A LOT of negotiation on my part to get us permission to hold the event again. That said, we have many more constraints than we used to and occupancy is a major one.

There will be no admission at the door. You must register beforehand via the link above. Please do so ASAP to guarantee yourself admission to the event.

It's going to be awesome!
All Payed tell Jason Fox I’m coming in a brinks truck!!!!