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I bought one last night and am having buyers remorse - I was looking for more reagents online at Marine Depot and saw they have none, is this an on going situation with these things that no one has it in stock, or the reagents? I wanna hear from anyone that has one is it worth all the hype? How easy do you find the reagents and which site?


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I’ve had mine 8 moths. Always order my reagent refills from apex direct. I’ve heard recently that other vendors will be selling the 6 month refills so I will definitely go that direction. It’s not the most useful item I have for my reef but it’s definitely a nice piece of mind and cool to know what your levels are. It’s super easy to set up, change reagents, and calibrate (which u must do often to ensure accuracy) I have DOS and love the integration. If u want to sell yours post it up and it will sell immediately. Especially since they’re still hard to get. You can probably get what u paid for it unless you paid way over retail.