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Tenafly, NJ
New Stock Ready - Now with Pics

We just moved over a couple batches of fish from our QT system and have also received some inverts & other corals the past couple weeks (as well as new frags).

Our freezer is here and we have a variety of frozen foods as well as some Fritz RPM 200g boxes, Nanobox Tide lights, Real Reef Branch & Shelf rock, other additives/foods etc.

Jawbreaker VDM Shrooms
Pink Interstellar Shrooms
Black Hole Sun Zoas
Port Jackson Sharks ~8-12"
Yellow Assessors
Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
Sun Polyps

Mitratus Butterfly
Polleni Grouper
Emperor Angel
Annularis Angel (juvenile)
Yellow Belly Regal Angel
Desjardini Sailfin Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Blonde Naso Tang
Indian Coral Rabbitfish (S. corallinus)
Nigripes Blackfoot Clowns (hosting H. magnifica anemone)
Black Chin Diamond Goby
Tiger Wardi Goby
Golden Midas Blenny
Flametail Bicolor Blenny
Orange Spot Algae Blenny
McCosker Flasher Wrasse
Exquisite Wrasse Male & Female
Bipartitus Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
Cosmetus Adorned Wrasse
Trispilus Wrasse
Stethojulis Painted Wrasse
Bay of Bengal Hog (juvenile)
Blue Spot Fuscus Trigger (juvenile)
Lyretail Squamipinnis Anthias M/F
Bimac Anthias F
Parvirostris Anthias M/F
Cleaner Shrimp
Fire Shrimp
Radiating Urchins
Pink Hot Dog Cucumbers
Red Band Trochus Snails
Volcano Fromia Stars
Red Fromia Stars
Tile Fromia Stars
Linckia Multiflora Stars

Moyeri Leopard Wrasse
Skeletor Eel
Cincta Cave Goby
Callogobius Cave Goby
Tomini Tang
Yellow Mimic Tang
Scopas Tang
Blue Jaw Trigger M/Pairs
Zebra Swallowtail Angel F/Pairs
Square Anthias Pairs
Red Firefish
Purple Firefish
Goldhead Sleeper Goby
Orange Diamond Goby
Black Leopard Wrasse
Painted Pencil Wrasse Pairs
Melanurus Wrasse
Day Octopus
Sugar Cane Deepwater Cleaner Shrimp
Coral Banded Shrimp
Yellow/Green P. ciliata Spearer Mantis Shrimp
Halloween Hermit Crabs
Green Bubbles
Ultra Rhodactis Shrooms
Red Devil Shrooms
Ricordea yumas
Orange Frogsoawn
Orange/Green/Red Plates
XL Pearl Bubbles
Tuxedo Urchins
Halloween Urchins
White Pyramid Trochus Snails
Orange Lip Conch
XL Nassarius Snails
Chocolate Chip Stars
Sand Sifting Stars
Purple & Yellow Feather Dusters


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