Fish Foods - LRS/Phycopure/Algagen/PE In Stock


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Tenafly, NJ
We are working hard to bring in a bigger diversity of products and have started expanding out dry goods lines with products from a variety of vendors.

Food wise we now carry the full line from LRS, Piscine & Algagen. We should have our Reef Nutrition order here next week but as I type this we have 3 types of live pods, 2 types of phyto, all the frenzy foods, PE Mysis & Calanus, as well as the full Hikari line, TDO Chroma Boost pellets, Masstick, Phycopure coral smoothie & a variety of other dry coral & fish foods.

We did get one of the new Waterbox Aquariums 10g nanos in and it is up and running with a killer Nanobox Tide Plus.

Livestock wise check out some of these corals. Lots of insane shrooms, zoas, plates, scolys & LPS frags. Also have Captive Bred Mandarins & Coral Beauties back in stock.