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  1. Coral Acros - Montis - Torches - Chalices - Hammers

    What's left and location? Text ok 929-329-3324
  2. 3 head purple hammer

    In 11230 - text pics 929-329-3324
  3. Equipment Icecap 1k

    Hey all - looking to purchase an Icecap 1k (or equal) open to suggestions. For my 29g nano reef tank. I have gone through different wave makers but want to try something a little different. In Brooklyn but I drive or I can have picked up. I prefer new (of course) but..... let me know.
  4. Looking for Torch coral

    Hey guys - very new to the hobby (year+) and I am looking to get a few pieces for my tank. I have a beautiful RBT, a green torch and a couple of hammer corals. I am looking not to get "robbed" or over pay to some of these sites like liveaquaria etc. I would rather my money to go to a fellow...