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  • Hey V.... was up buddy!! The PH is doing great. Starting to bud off along to the side. So gonna be a daddy soon and you a grandfather LOL!! Thanks 4 asking. Keep you posted.
    From Greg also in bayonne.
    have you ever tryed keeping gigantea anemones.
    Might have to see your nems.
    Thanks Greg
    Hi, I don't think it's a cracked MH bulb because i just replaced them with brand new PHOENIX 14k bulbs, two weeks ago. I do on the other hand have a huge Frogspawn colony and i do notice that i see some of it's tips flying around in the water column, i also have a green tipped hammer and i used to have a yellow torch and an anenome. I had no idea that once the tips were detached from the LPS it could still sting SPS ?

    Why would it kill the whole colony though if just a tip landed on once or two branches of a stoney ?

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