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  1. 65G Breeder tank w/ Overflow and 175W MH

    For Sale Overrun by tanks. Saved the tank for as long as I could. Just no place for it in Apt anymore. Used previously for freshwater but no enough overhead space access below my 75G. 65G Breeder Size Tank (needs cleaning) 175W Metal Halide Fixture w/ bulb (brand new condition, never...
  2. WTB 75 G Tank Stand

    Anyone have a metal tank stand for a 75G? Looking to purchase one since dont have time to make one again. Thanks, Chapz
  3. 36"AquaCtinics 5 Bulb T5 Light Fixture

    For Sale No longer needed. Used 36"AquaCtinics 5 Bulb T5 Light Fixture $150 (2 Blue Actinics & 3 Daylight ) Check out 2nd pic in my 75G tank build to see what it looks like. Pick up in forest hills. -Chapz
  4. 75G Metal Tank Stand

    Anyone have a Metal Tank stand they no longer need? Tossed out my wooden tank stand since it got too funky from the salt and sump setup.
  5. 36"Aquactinics T5 Light fixture

    For sale: 36"Aquactinics T5 Light fixture (5 bulbs): 3 Blue and 2 Daylight Havent used light fixture since i switched to metal halides. Should be about 6months old bulbs. Now getting rid of equipment no longer needed. Price $160 Pick up in forest hills queens.
  6. Tank, Stand, Lights and extras

    For sale 65Gallon Tank & Metal Stand Tank dimensions 18"W x 36"L x24"H Also included is an aquadoser, (2)glass tank covers, 36"Dual bulb CFlight fixture (Needs 1 new actinic blue bulb) Pick up only. PM with any questions or text me at 9174352427 $100 -Peter
  7. Aspen Ski, Snowboard, & Bicycle rack for 2"hitch

    For Sale Multi Usage Apsen Ski, Snowboard, & bicycle rack. Fits 2"Hitch receivers. Used since last summer til this winter and no longer needed. The suv pics are examples from online. The other pics show the rack on my blue car. Asking $70 obo Pretty heavy duty. Give me a text @...
  8. Metal halides and T12 retrofits

  9. Tank Corals & Live Rock

    Pending Sale
  10. Pumps, Skimmer, HOB Filter, etc Sale!!!

    Clearing out random bin full of supplies for the new year. Any Powerhead $5 each Aquaclear 402, Powersweep PS-20, Aquila P1800? Any Overflow box $15 each Aqualifter $10 HOB Filter $10 Each -Aquean, Aquaclear, Biosystem Basic 100W Heater $5 Single Aerator $5 Dual Penn Plax Aerator $10 Sponge...
  11. 30G Breeder Sump & extras

    Responding to order as pms received. Must be picked up. No deliveries.
  12. 30G Breeder Sump & extras

    Took sump apart and reaquascaped. Up for grabs is a 30G breeder sump, powersweep powerhead plus 5gal bucket mix of various live rocks, very little live sand, small handful cheato & few mangroves. Some of the live rock has some zoas that are closed up so u could be lucky to revive them...
  13. 30 Breeder Tank

    No longer needed and no place to put tank. Used to to hold live stock temporarily. $25 picked up in Forest Hills Queens.
  14. Dubai Tank Crack

    Thats like the scene from the movie Jaws in which the tank breaks and the sharks are everywhere.
  15. Dolphin Slaughters

    Thats very disturbing.