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  1. WTB: Oceanic 57G Illuminata Glass Cover

    I have the Oceanic 57G Frameless Illuminata Tank. Am currently looking for the glass cover. Thanks.
  2. Approved BULK REEF SUPPLY Group Buy! -JULY 2011

    Received email back from BRS Supply Marketing Coordinator: "Sorry I didn?t get back to you sooner. We do not work weekends or holidays, so I was out of the office. I am currently updating your group buy and the 4th sale will run through the end of the day, so people will have an opportunity...
  3. Approved BULK REEF SUPPLY Group Buy! -JULY 2011

    I've contacted the Marketing Coordinator of to see what they can do about the July 4th Sale, maybe possibly extending the sale for us group buyers that start July 5th. That way we could get group discount rates PLUS an additional July 4th week sale? ----That'd be cool! I...
  4. Approved BULK REEF SUPPLY Group Buy! -JULY 2011

    *This Group Buy has been approved by a moderator* *****Approved Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy!***** Please note the following points: *There are NO purchase quantities or order size requirements. *Each participant gets the lowest prices even if they only buy one item. *Free...
  5. Sump Hose set up & PVC Cement Questions

    I believe you'd have to put a bulkhead, then connect the 1" pvc pipe, to overflow boxes.... thus the 1 1/4" hole...
  6. Approved Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy!!!

    Yeah, I just wanted to see if there are a good amount of people interested for another group buy, if so, I'll submit the application and start one...
  7. Acan Lighting Discussion Thread

    I have a 57 Gallon, 36x18x21 frameless tank, Would an A104AC 24" light be sufficient since it can stretch 12"? Or must I get the A104AC 36", trying to save a good $500, if the first choice would work just as well.
  8. Approved Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy!!!

    Anybody interested in a new BulkReefSupply group buy to celebrate the 1st day of Summer?
  9. jbj nano 24 reef setup

    Free BUMP! I've seen the tank in person, everything is in perfect condition!
  10. WTB: 36x18 Aquarium Stand and Protein Skimmer

    haha, nope, just picked up a Oceanic 57 rimless... setting that up... will put a build thread soon =]
  11. Aquarium Stands Question

    Just wondering, anybody have any experience with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) vs. Real Wood Aquarium Stands..... I'm in the market for a new 36x18 Aquarium Stand, just wanted to see what peoples' experiences was with each. The MDF stands, like the one on petsolutions, $100 bucks...
  12. Trigger Systems or ATB Skimmer?

    Hey MR, I'm currently in the market for a new Protein Skimmer, anybody have any experience with: Trigger Systems Bursa Skimmer ATB 840 V2.0 Skimmer Please share your experiences, and why you would recommend one over the other...
  13. WTB: 36x18 Aquarium Stand and Protein Skimmer

    WTB: 36x18 Aquarium Stand Trigger Systems Bursa Protein Skimmer
  14. Drilling my tank.

    +1 for the top. I've recently drilled my tank, 2" from the top, I used a diamond drill bit from, and picked up a drill guide and plumbers putty from Home Depot. Good luck, and remember, GO SLOWWWWWWW... don't rush it, or it will crack/chip.
  15. WTB: 75G RR tank

    What's up dude, I know somebody who has 2 75 Gallon tanks selling for $70 each... let me know if you want their contact info..