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  1. SOLD > PRESTIGE AQUATICS < new owners

    Will it still be cash only?
  2. Free Chaeto

    I'll take it if it's still available. PM sent
  3. Need help finding them

    I've been there once to check out their marine dept. and remember the back room was full of birds. There's also Parrots of the World in Rockville Centre.
  4. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    My goto shop. My work is just 5 minutes away so I go there quite often. I agree, my CBB would have starved to death in the QT if it wasn't for the worms. Now it eats almost everything I feed the fish.
  5. Looking fordosing reservoir

    Yeah, same here, $18 for the bottles and few more bucks for the John Guest fittings and you have some very nice dosing containers.
  6. WTB Blu Rays/DVDs

    How about over 300 laser discs that are in my attic, will you take those? Lol All kidding aside I know what you mean by physical media. Even though you can basically find anything you want to stream for some of us we enjoy collecting and adding to our libraries. I just checked my movie library...
  7. MR Site Issues - Report here

    New posts wont let me go to the next page, when I try to go to the next one it brings me back to the first again.
  8. Peppermint shrimp

    Anybody know where I can get some Peppermints local? I've gone to Advanced and Pet's Warehouse in Carle Place and they don't have any.
  9. My neighbor
  10. Problem wit DI resin

    I was going to replace the DI last night, but after I installed the new DI resin I was getting 5ppm when I tested the water. I let it run for about a half hour and it still was showing 5ppm from the output. The only difference this time is I used an already packed container instead of packing it...
  11. Black worms

    Hey guys, I need to get more Black worms, know of any shops that have them? The two shops I usually go to ( Aquarium Village and Pets Warehouse) don't carry them. I've been able to get them from Caribbean Blue but they ran out.
  12. Beginner needs help finding good LFS's

    Hello, I've done the freshwater thing in the past. But recently I've had the saltwater bug bite me and I'm ready to start one. Watching an episode of Tanked planted the seed in my head and the recent passing of my dog has me looking for something to keep me occupied. I have started to research...