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  • hello friends this is the first time I am posting here. I live in Columbia ct and am having a terrible time with hydroid digita worms and I desperately need one or some lynx nudibranch they are the only thing I can find that eats them. it's that or all my hard work over the past five years in this reef will all have to be destroyed because I don't want this nightmare in some unsuspecting persons hard earned reef. these things are killing my colonies. help please. dave
    hello, are you willing to glue 3-4 frags together to form a little colony of the Kryptonite candy corals for me...i'd buy it that way, just not interested in only 1 frag. Thanks chris
    Ill Take TheRadioactive Green Zoas , U Going To The Frag Swap? Im In The City On Friday Pm Me Back
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