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    I have a red slime algae problem I added a phosphate reactor today and also a few more power heads for more circulation in my 250 anything else I can do to take care of this problem
    lenny, my friend ended up having extra sand and saved me a bundle, um i have the filter going, i didnt put the right filter pad in, i only put the one you cut yourself, but what do i do now, do i need to buy things , do i have to leave the light on all day? i have the water the rock and sand, what should i do
    Lenny - Do you sell other dry goods other than hydor? I'm looking for maxijet 1200 for my phosban reactor? I'm on SI. Thanks. - Rob
    Can I used the mini bio balls that came with the Solana Tank for a reef ?
    what should I used for chemical filteration. Carbon??
    Thank you I will make a visit to your store soon.
    I am setting up a reef tank in a 72 bow front. I am new to the hobbie. I am at the point where I added uncured live rock and a bag of live sand. The tank has been running for about a week I have 2 1200 maxi jets and 2 hydro 800 powerheads.I have a protein skimmer and a aquafuge that Istill did not install.My question is what should I look for next. What would you recomend?
    I look foward to your responce Scott
    Hey There,....Read so much about you guys,..I am new to Queens,....My system is ready for Live rock,....what do you guys have and how much is it running!
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