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  • hey lenny im looking to buy CUR 48” NOVA EXT PRO T5HO 6X54 whats the best price you can do,also i have a 180 rr brand new im looking to sell if anybodys interested....
    lenny i cant figure out how to give you a good feedback, let me know how. the tank is set & doing good. it looks like all the fish & the anemones are happy
    No bother at all, If you drive down yetman ave at night I'm sure you can see my 150gal through the window lol. Any questions feel free to ask me or any other member on MR.
    hi Lenny my name is Brendan I just joined manhattan reef forum was exploring the site and see that you live around the corner from where I live on main street by the police station i believe you're on yetman. Anyway if you have any frags and are interested in maybe trading or if ya have extra time and wanna talk reef drop me a message

    thanks new to all this messege threading thing hope I'm not bothering you or breaking any rules
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