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  1. wtb frags

    Getting back into the hobby, cycled my 9" cube and im ready to stock it. Shoot me a pm if you have cheap frags. looking for mainly lps and softys for now
  2. WTB Cheap live rock/macro algae

    Hey all, I'm starting up my old 12*12*12 from like 5 years ago :). If anyone in manhattan has anything for cheap/free I'll gladly pick it up.
  3. wtb sump for 50 gallon tank

    a standard 20 long fits in the stand, so anything that sizeish
  4. Beacon HS Tank Thread

    This is Beacons first (hopefully not last) saltwater tank. It is being set up in the marine biology room, and is going to be used mainly as samples for the class. Any help is appreciated. The planned specs are as followed: 55 gallon tank - we need to fit it on a somewhat thin counter 20 gallon...
  5. frag vs. mini colony?

    Whats the difference, and how can you recognize when its grown out of a frag, into a mini colony, and then into a colony? This makes no sense to me why the term was created.
  6. WTB Macro Algae for nutrient export

    preferably in Manhattan, can pick up any time after 3 tomorrow, PM me Best, Luke
  7. WTB Nano AIO

    Looking for a nuvo 10 or something with similar dimensions. Preferably in Manhattan. I can pick up tonight.
  8. Wtb nano led

    Looking for a Kessil, or something similar with hanging kit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Frags f/s $10

    These are for sale at $10 each. Buy 3 for $25, 6 for $50. Pickup free, delivery is $~5 anywhere in the city (depending how far you are from Chelsea) If you want a better picture just ask, and I'll pull out the ol' DLSR. List is: Sunny D 3p+, 5p+ Devils Armor 5p+ Rasta 4p x3 Radioactive Dragon...
  10. FS/FT Dreammaker Overlord Pro

    Hey MR, I'm doing a little spring cleaning, and have this taking up much needed fish tank space! This has been used, but it is in great condition. It comes with two base plates. I'm going to include the plastic that is in it, a glue stick, 16gb SD, and whatever other extras I can find. This is a...
  11. Zoas for trade

    Hey MR, I have a TON of zoas for trade. I'm looking for some SPS. I can meet up in manhattan, or within biking distance of it. The zoas I have: Devils armor Rastas Radioactive dragon eyes Sunny D's I have a few more nice ones that I forgot the name of, so Ill add pics. This is what I...
  12. DBTC - Green Zoas

    Hey MR, My tank crashed about a month or so ago, and I'm hopeful that I will be able to regrow my coral. Out of everything that disappeared/died, I have an insane amount of radioactive dragon eye zoas left (like three mini colonies). I'm hopeful that I will in return get good karma, and a nice...
  13. Everything that could have gone wrong....

    Hey guys, I was previously running a 20l, with a 10gal sump. I had a really bad bacterial bloom, and took that as a sign to upgrade to the ~60 gallon I had sitting in my living room for a year. I attempted to do it all in one day; trying to both save my fish/coral, and to please my upgrade demon...
  14. *NEW* ACTUAL frag swap

    Hey MR, I'm thinking of planning a new, true swap. There is a place that is available on 26th between 8th and 9th. The venue I'm thinking about is relatively small, it could most likely fit 30~40 people, with two holding tanks that we can use to house the frags/sell extra. I would hope that...
  15. Internship/job

    Hey MR, I am currently a sophomore in high school (15) and looking for something to do after school/weekends that is more productive then what I do when I get home. I have all working papers up to date (if that matters). I would like to help out at a lfs (if possible), but honestly anything...