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  1. For Sale FS:Aquarium Additives/Chemicals

    Pack#2 Sold /Monday Bump
  2. For Sale FS:Aquarium Additives/Chemicals

    Hey selling aquarium additives brand new/not expired/unopened, just not using my other additives fast enough/reducing clutter. Located at 07601 can deliver in Manhattan Saltwater: Pack#1 for $20 Fritzzyme 9 16oz. Fritzzyme Monster460 16oz. Pack#2 for $30 RedSea Reef Foudation(Ca/Alk/Mag)...
  3. Lighting FS: Radion XR30 Pro Gen4 (x3)

    Lights Sold plz Close thread
  4. Lighting FS: Radion XR30 Pro Gen4 (x3)

    4 months of actual use
  5. Lighting FS: Aquamaxx NemoLight 24”-36”

    Selling my used AquaMaxx NemoLight , has built in controller/timer, can mimic dusk/dawn/cloud/storm effect. Asking $100. Great light for budget nano reefers.
  6. Lighting FS: Radion XR30 Pro Gen4 (x3)

    Hey Selling off my Radion XR30 Pros, I have 3 total Selling all 3 for $1900 or $700 each. Open to cash/cash+trades. Trades for iPhone8+(good condition), Kessils 360x’s(2),high end coral.
  7. WTB/WTT IPhone X or newer

    Hey looking to buy/trade for a iPhone X or newer (unlocked carrier) (no iCloud lock) fair condition or better( no cracks / scratches, scuffs ok) GB doesn’t matter I have coral/reef equipment for trade let me know
  8. Dragon Soul Torch/Hammer coral/Zoa pack

    Dragon Soul Torch Coral $300PP Gold/Orange Wall Hammer Coral 5?x3? $300 Green Purple Thin Branching Hammer Coral $15PP Bicolor Frogspawn $30PP ?Discount on multiples? Zoa Pack: Acid Reflux 2P/Purple death 5p $50Per Pack (4 packs total) (Cash,Cash+trades) Pick Up 07601, Manhattan(hell?s...
  9. Fish/Inverts FS

    Baby Hippo tang 2? raised from 1? eats everything -$50 Yasha Goby(female) 1.5? eats flake/frozen -$50 Urchin Trio (blue tuxedo,white pincushion,Halloween) Used to rid my tank of caluerpa outbreak/flake algae. $40 for all 3 Green LTAs Pair both for Pick up in 07601 or meet up in...
  10. Zoa ID

    Does anyone know what these are ?
  11. WTB Intank media basket fluval Spec

    Hey wondering if anyone has a fluval Spec intank media basket they are willing to part with. Let me know.
  12. Clean-up crew/Inverts FS

    Hey letting go some of my cleanup crew: 2 Skunk Cleaner shrimp 2?(bonded)SOLD, Halloween urchin 2.5?, Blue tuxedo urchin 2?, White pin cushion urchin 2?,5 red leg hermit crabs. Asking 45$ for 3 urchins . Pick up 07601/07024 can deliver to manhattan.
  13. Precision Marine KR620 Kalk Reactor

    Selling for $165 Can deliver to NYC,NNJ,CNJ,BX,BK,PA
  14. Biocube 29+stand

    Selling Used Biocube 29+stand( comes with stock hood,pump, unmodded), 2 filter cartridges and jbj magnet fuge light; asking for $230 OBO pick up (07601) can deliver for small fee BX,BK,Manhattan