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  1. Frag Swap RSVP NOW: Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap - Sunday November 17th

    Is it too late to rsvp? The button isn't there. If it's not too late, put me down for 2

    I want to buy 3 xr15 g4 pro diffusers by the end of the week. Please text me @7184198896
  3. Green Torch for sale 2 heads with one of the heads splitting

    $300 It's extremely big. PM me on roti.reefs for a faster response. Photos of it closed up as well as fully extended
  4. WWC Purple Monster 8 polyps- $100

    Hey guys, I'm selling a frag plug of purple monster. Make your best offer. I'm open to trades as well. It's faster to message me on IG @roti.reefs
  5. Honest Reefing

    Hey guys, I created a facebook group known as honest reefing. My goal is to create an unbiased group where people can share experiences as well as network with other reefers. I really want this to take off. Our hobby has become plagued with greedy people and limited resources. If this sounds...
  6. Pulsing xenia colony for sale. Pick up in st Albans Queens

    Selling a 4x4 colony. 75 bucks Message me here or on Roti.reef on ig
  7. Yellow Tang for sale $50

    Hey, I have a yellow tang for sale hes 3.5". Very active. He's currently in my 50G cube. I want to replace him with a purple tang Also have some GSP Frags for sale If you can't reach me here, contact me of IG Roti.Reef
  8. GSP Frags For Sale (Jamaica, Queens)

    #1 = $5 #2= $10 #3= $10 Local pick up only. Will be fragging more stuff this weekend. I do have a 2"x3" Colony as well. It's faster to contact me on IG @roti.reef