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  1. Coral Red Dragon Acro Mini-Colonies

    D, E and G are spoken for. A,B,C and D still available.
  2. Coral Red Dragon Acro Mini-Colonies

    Well, my Tyree Red Dragon Acro mother colony got too big. Not a bad problem, but I had to frag it to make room for other corals. I made several large mini-colonies between 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. Prices are as follows: A) $60 B) $40 C) $50 D) $90 E) $100 F)...
  3. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

  4. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

  5. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Sorry for late reply. I am available today (saturday) until about 3. Also around all day tomorrow.
  6. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Bump. For reference, A and B are 3+ inches, D is 2 inches.
  7. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Rainy Sunday bump. A B and D still available.
  8. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    C is sold. Added another frag D.
  9. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Sorry, but no.
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  11. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Which one?
  12. Staghorn Colony

    Looking to make room for my frags so I?m parting with this staghorn colony for $50. Pick up only in Montville, NJ.
  13. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Trimmed my Red Dragon colony a bit. I have three frags for sale. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. A) $50 B) $40 C) $20
  14. Tyree Red Dragon mini colonies and frags

    Trimmed my red dragon colony today, creating 3 mini colonies and 5 frags. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. Mini Colonies: A) 6? plus - $125 B) 5.5? - $100 C) 5? - $80 Frags D) 2? - $30 E) 2? - $30 H) 1? - $30
  15. Red Dragon Acro

    I have 4 Tyree Red Dragon frags available. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. A-$80 (4 inches) B-$75 (3 inches) C-$40 (2 inches) D-$30 (1.5 inches)