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  1. 10+ years on MR and still have a tank roll call

    Wow! 10 years gone so quickly! MR was the best find in the hobby for me.
  2. WTB Tenuis

  3. WTB Tenuis

  4. WTB Tenuis

    Looking for interesting tenuis acros for pickup at the swap. Let me know what you've got. Does anyone still have the Jackson? Thanks!
  5. WTB TLF Remag or Alternative

    I'm looking to get magnesium for a calcium reactor. Anybody in or near Brooklyn with any? Thanks!
  6. Frag Swap RSVP NOW: Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap - Sunday November 17th

    Hopefully Neptune Systems brings a few Tridents...
  7. Pentair Aquatics 40 watt smart UV F/S

    $180 or best offer, had it for just over a year and a half.
  8. WTB Tropic Eden Mesoflakes (near Brooklyn)

    Does anybody know where I can get mesoflakes not too far from Brooklyn? Thanks!
  9. Cleaning Aquarium With Bleach

    Hey, does anyone know of any risk with filling aquarium with water and bleach mixture for a couple of days? Would that cause damage to the silicone?
  10. 4 x Ecotech MP40 WQD For Sale

    Manufacture Date June 20, 2018 $250 each. Pickup tomorrow evening in Brooklyn 11234. I won't be around again until next Friday 8/30. After that pickup in 11234 or Midtown. Thanks!
  11. Fish for sale

    I?ve had these fish for over a year, close to two for some. Lyretail Anthias trio - $80 Supermale flame wrasse - $130 Male flame wrasse - $100 Two barred rabbitfish (great grazer) - about 3.5" - $30 Yellow tang $40 Orange back fairy wrasse $60 Male Exquisite Fairy Wrasse (Maldives) - $40 (x2)...
  12. Acro ID

    Hey, does anyone know the ID of this acro? The branches grow thin.
  13. Neptune DOS Power Supply

    I'm looking to get a replacement DOS power supply.
  14. Equipment FS

    GEO OZ618 Ozone Reactor $270 OBO SKIMZ SM253 MONZTER D-SERIES $300 OBO Pickup in Brooklyn or Midtown. Thanks for looking! See in action: