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    hi im from farrockaway how do u get to tropical reefs?u have an address? just joined M.R
    Hey man I just did all the measurements but because of this freaking bow front I can't fit that sump man, now I can't take it off your hands I'm sorry , I am so pissed, I'm sure you will find a buyer I just wish it was me dammit thanks again anyway
    I think the wresses like each other he is eating already.:inlove:
    Hey buddy i don't know what i was thinking but i pulled it off. I got back home about 2:05 . A very nice lady gave me a ride to the store from the L.I.R.can you belive that ?I met keith very nice guy so now i'm home with my halicoeres melanurus and two branches of purple looking hammer i couldn't have done it with you.Sorry we did'nt meet you weren't home when i called this mourning but i saw your M.H at work in the photo in the shop.Thanks for your help.:tongueani
    Hey buddy what were you saying adout a vortech ?I called the shop today they have the wrasse . I'll call you tomorrow mourning.
    Tom, I'm looking for a tableing acro, I have a great spot - lots of flow (thanks to you!) and right under a 250 mh bulb a showpiece spot. I just bought a bazooka joe from Kigs for another spot so this will be a nice compliment - Thanks
    Hi, I am very interested in your clownfish. I can meet in the city if you're around sometime next week. I am away. Thanks
    I'm really interested in that picasso, please e-mail me more pictures (schgriffith@gmail.com) and let me know if you're willing to ship to 21042. Thanks!
    hey Tom,. how are you..? do you get any deals on galaxy ballasts ,,looking 400w , twoof them.. I know Aquarium specialty have them for $152 a peace so i wonder if you get any deals

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