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  • Hi. Can I ask about the stem cell treatment. Do you think it worked. Was it covered by insurance. I hope all is well
    Paul B
    Paul B
    It seemed to work for about 6 months. She felt better but then it wore off. It was not covered by any insurance and cost $16,000.00
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    Turkvr4, there are threads o this, I really can't discuss it too much as I have a patent almost finalized. I don't lend them out because the shipping is about $10.00 each way and the few I did lend out took me a very long time to get back. I have been selling them but I am a little backed up.
    If you are in NY I will lend you one as you could pick it up.
    Hey Paul, I was wondering if you still made or lending out
    those majanos zappers?
    Even better would be if you could tell me how to make one.
    It would be good if you can break down parts and places to get the parts.
    I hope Im not over stepping my grounds by asking for
    Hi, through researching chartering boats for about 5 people leaving from brooklyn I came across Paul B's post which sounds amazing. Being from Canada not quite sure how to look but wondering if you know anyone who would be willing to leave from brooklyn to chelsea piers on friday august 7th around 5pm for a fee of course it would be tremendously helpful. It's for my best friends birthday and she chose to have dinner at chelsea piers and since she's lives in brooklyn I htought, why not take the scenic route.
    thanks,i've been at this 18 mths and still very slow to dump stuff in my tank but i guess god made has got to be as good as man made :) i'll wait on bottles till my fish are over 18
    There are paracites in the ocean but I doubt the paracites in Maine would live in a tropical tank. I personally never had a problem with paracites, maybe it is something in our northern water that keeps them at bay, I really don't know but I have been using it all my life and I am old.
    I would go and collect some of that good northern water and check the temp and salinity and dump it in there
    hey paul,just joined to find more about history on using ocean water. i live in maine and am wondering if i could do the same thing? the locals (fish store) are threatening parasite infestation...
    send me your E mail address, I wrote an article about it and can send it to you but I can't attach it here.
    If you get time, post something about that gobi on that gobi thread.
    hey paul, how are things? I have a question, can you teach me the process on how to build my own live rock?, also the goby is like the lochness monster!!he's constantly at work with my rocks and sand.
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