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  1. Tank RED SEA NANO $300 or $400 with AI prime light

    Im selling my red sea nano used it for years no scratches ( as far as i checked the tank regularly) almost skimmer pump and new return pump last month. $300 FIRM since I change the pump recently. I have the AI prime for extra $100. Everything is clean I just vinegar bath the tank. White spot in...
  2. Free sand

    Gone. Please close thnx
  3. Free sand

    Anyone need a sand. Please let me know thanx
  4. Question leveling the stand need help please

    Guys really need help on leveling my new red sea 250. the left side of the of my floor is slightly higher when I put the leveling tool from home depot. do I need to shim right side only to make it level or all side need to be shims. please need an advice.
  5. cheato

    need a bag of cheato. anybody selling in queens area. I can pick it up tonight. 9176836428 thank you
  6. For Sale Waterbox frag 60.3

    sent you a PM

    I have led. What do you mean calculation for LEDs

    Does anyone here in NYC i can rent a par meter? I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance
  9. Tank WTB Shallow reef tank

    anyone selling shallow reef tank looking for 50 - 60 gallon reef ready. thank you in advance
  10. Fish Extreme picasso clownfish $100 pair

    Selling my extreme picasso clownfish pair for $100. I can trade for corals. Pick up only elmhurst queens near Costco area. Just recently purchase mocha storm.
  11. WTB 40 gallon Reef Ready

    Want to buy 40 gallon cube reef ready tank. Pm me the price and pics
  12. Need help 12dkh on IO reef crystal salt

    thank for all the suggestion. I ended up changing to tropic marin
  13. Need help 12dkh on IO reef crystal salt

    Im using IO salt reef crystal ( orange bucket) but everytime I test it the alkalinity level was 12dkh on fresh new salt. Any suggestions?