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  1. Looking for Housing in LI

    I'm thinking about moving to the Stony Brook area for work at the university. Tried looking for housing on Craigslist and the rental sites but it seems like many don't post online? There aren't many search results. What's the cost of housing there like? Would need to be 15 minutes or less drive...
  2. Galaxea Approximately Palm Sized $65

    Galaxea about the size of a palm available in Washington Heights, Midtown (Bryant Park Area), and NJ side of GWB. Selling only because my 2 tanks are small (10g and 40gallonish cube) and i have to keep galaxea in corner to prevent fighting. Have had for about 1 year. Willing to trade for Kessil...
  3. kessil a80 (maybe 160 or 360)

    looking for kessil a80 with mount. it's for a 10g nano. would consider a160we or a360we
  4. 42 Frags - All $5 or Less

    I need to clear some space! Pick up near Bryant Park on weekdays. All photos were taken on 7/20 and the frags were cut several weeks ago. Available frags include Blue Lagoons, TSA Frozen Apples, Utter Chaos, WWC Forbidden Fruit, Burgundy Blasto, and more. Go to this link to see photos along...
  5. WTB Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 24"

    Looking for an Aquatic Life 24" T5 Hybrid. I also need the bracket that comes with it to support a Kessil and Hydra 26hd along with the hanging stuff since I plan to hang off the wall on a shelf
  6. 30 Breeder + Stand + Eshopps Overflow Box

    Pickup in Washington Heights (Manhattan) in the next few days. After a few days, must be picked up in Fort Lee (NJ) since I need to get the tank out of my apartment and will move it into my folk?s garage. I will deliver and stay until you leak test (if you?d like) for a few bucks as long as the...
  7. Clearing out! $5-20 frags with freebies...

    Hi there, I need to clear space in my tank and have some reasonably priced (in my opinion) frags available. I can meet at Bryant Park on workdays. Please click on the link to view the available corals and their prices. I am open to trades as well. Text 201-484-9859. I cannot respond...
  8. Last Minute Frags for RAP

    I have some frags I need to clear because I am running out of space. I will be there tomorrow likely most of the day. If interested, please let me know asap. I'll be leaving in the morning tomorrow. Sorry for the last minute post as I didn't know if I would be able to make it tomorrow. Text at...
  9. 24x20 or 36x18 rimless

    looking for a rimless 24x20 or 36x18 rimless. not looking for aio
  10. Looking for small frag tank

    Looking for a 34 gallon deep blue 36 x 18 x 12 rimless not reef ready. Also a 24 x 20.
  11. looking for internal overflow

    Looking for an internal overflow like glass-holes or eclipse S. Needs to be small since it'll be for a 10-15 gallon tank.
  12. wtb classic acros

    hi looking for some classic acros like oregon tort, strawberry shortcake, pearlberry, pink lemonade, hawkins. i'm getting started with acros so hardy affordable ones are great. i've had luck with garf bonsai, sunset milli, strawberry shortcake (until it fell when i went away for 2 weeks), green...
  13. WTB Aquatic Life T5/LED Hybrid 24"

    Looking to buy the T5/LED 24" fixture plus any ATI 24" bulbs
  14. Need to clear frag rack. Mainly zoas for cheap. Some freebies if you buy a few frags

    I am needing to clear my frag rack. Please take a look at the photos for available frags and prices. The prices in red can be bought for the listed price OR be taken for free for every 3 frags listed in yellow you purchase. Pick up Washington Heights or meet at Bryant Park. 201 484 9859. The...
  15. LFS that QT

    Do any LFS qt their fish in the NYC area?