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  1. Lighting AI Prime with Bracket

    Light is sold
  2. Coral For Sale: RBTA $40

    These are no longer available
  3. Coral For Sale: RBTA $40

    One is gone. I would prefer to sell the other but will accept a current trade offer if there isn't another buyer with money.
  4. Coral For Sale: RBTA $40

    Yes. I can bring it into Manhattan. Please contact me through messaging.
  5. Coral For Sale: RBTA $40

    I have two RBTA for sale. $40 each. Nice rose color with some green streeks and white spots. Foot is white. I don't see the green in the these two yet but it may appear. The tank picture shows the largest RBTA in my tank and is not for sale but it shows the color. The two for sale are splits...
  6. Lighting AI Prime with Bracket

    For Sale $80 -- White AI Prime (not HD) with bracket Between 1 and 2 years old. Good condition. Used for about a year. I'll trade for corals. LMK I can meet at the swap on Sunday
  7. Ecotech Marine M1 Return Pump

    Ecotech Marine Vectra M1 Return Pump Vectra M1 Pump is brand new -- just received from Ecotech as a replacement for a failed pump. Controller and power supply might have also been replaced, not sure, but they are in great condition, never been splashed or anything. If not new, then 6mo old and...
  8. AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer

    AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer $100 All parts. No damage. Good working condition. Pickup in Brooklyn, 11218 or at work in Soho
  9. FS: big RBTA $50

    My huge rbta finally split leaving me two big clones. Originally purchased from another MR member over a year ago when his split. The RBTA is in my 34g Solana with a Kessil A150W Sky Blue and a diy 9 cree fixture. It's been hosting a breeding pair of ocellaris. I'm selling the bigger of the...
  10. Sea Cucumber x2

    My tiger tail sea cucumber split. I just noticed last night that I suddenly have two.
  11. FS: Nova Extreme Pro 20"

    Nova Extreme Pro 20" for sale $120 Great 6 x 18" T5 light for 20" tanks. Legs slide in so the fixture can fit smaller tanks. Includes 2 Brand New still in box TrueLumen bulbs, 1 Actinic and 1 Power White 4 used TrueLumen bulbs with some life left, 2 Actinic and 2 Power White Fixture used...
  12. Trade an RKL for an Apex Energy Bar 4 or 8

    Looking to trade an old style RKL for either an Apex EB4 or EB8 The RKL is in perfect working condition. The SID is updated. Also included is a splitter and 1 or 2 extra connection cables. The temp probe is the old style. Also consider trading the RKL and my MP10 plus some money for an MP40.
  13. Free Xenia -- FS Large Green Polyed Toadstool $30

    I'm closing down a tank with two fairly big rocks covered with plenty of pulsing Xenia that I'll give away on a first come basis. If you're early you can take both rocks or I'll break up the rocks and give away pieces. The toadstool is over 6" tall and spans over 6" when open. It is...
  14. FS: RKL and SL2

    RKL Package: $80 RKL headunit (this is unused), PC4(4 outlet), Temp probe and connection device for connection to your computer (upgraded to Ver 2). SL2 plus DA Salinity probe, DA molex temp probe, BRS pH probe, Digital Aquatics float switch kit with mount (unused except for molex cable...