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  • interested in red cap and stylo. can pick up today. let me know.

    tank description 150gal. lights 2 ecotech vortex qx 30 g3, 140 pounds rock, 1.5 inch sand, 2 ecotech pumps mp40, plus 2 other pumps.
    sump 110gal. 1 marine pure block , Cheato , 1carbon reactor, skimmer jns q3, filter sock, return pump red devil, 2 heater 1 is 300w other 200w,
    ecotech reef link, profile ghl: comtoler, dosing pump ( calcium, magnesium,alkalinity) and touch .
    live stock 1diamond gobie 1 yellow tang 2 turbo snail 2 fire shrimp 2 cleaner shrimp 10 trochus snail and 20 more snails 1 cucumber sea and I had 5 emerald crabs (banished) 30 different zoanthid 2 acan 5 sps 1lps.
    running since october perfect parameters
    Hi there I collect zoas ..I see you have some that I don't have .. is there any chance you can spear at Least one head, I have good luck with growing zoas ..I live in queens also
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