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  1. Frag swap pics

    Thanks to randy for hosting this long awaiting swap. It was great seeing some of the guys n gals from long ago. For those who did not get to see some of randy's amazing tanks:)
  2. Question Fish suddenly lethargic/dying

    ph 7.5 after the light on is a bit low, perhaps due to what spartanwarrior mention. 2 months old tank is still in my book fairly new(no3 cycle). the health of the new leathers n if any toxin was release is unknown so i would add some carbon n hold off on any new fish would be my suggeston.
  3. Question Fish suddenly lethargic/dying

    how old is the tank and which test kit. ph 7.5 before lights on or after? any carbon use?
  4. 17 Years Since My last Post.

    welcome back! like the old saying, real reefers never quit.
  5. Question Reef Crystals and tap water

    I assume what they mean on good water is low ppm... maybe below 50? Sounds to good to be true.
  6. Frag Swap Swap Volunteers Needed!

    I think dates are wrong. sunday is 17th
  7. Frag Swap Swap Volunteers Needed!

    Sunday 11/17 Clean up (Swap Day)
  8. Is MR living in the past?

    i think we are in's house.
  9. Kent marine maxxima 4 stage RO/DI $50

    Kent marine maxxima 4 stage RO/DI $50. Membrane and color changing DI resin are over 12 months old so you will need to replace them. local pickup/no shipping (too heavy)
  10. Specrum outage in queens?

    Anyone out in queens on internet?
  11. Car window tint

    Anyone know where or who in queens do tinting good. Thks.
  12. Conch shell

    Any1 know if it can be bring back from turks and caicos to the states?
  13. kristen marhaver-how_we_re_growing_baby_corals
  14. turks and caicos vids