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  1. Fish f/s

    These fish are all healthy and eat great please pm me if you have any question or if you are interested. Thank you for your intereste! Passer angel 6 inch $100 Tomato clown 5 inch $40 Enginer goby 12 inch $40 Snow flake eel 24 inch $40 Hawian blue puffer 5 inch $40 Clown (Nemo) 3 inch $20...
  2. Salt water fish for sale

    These are all healthy and eat great. I have a tomato clown 5 in $40 2 enginer goby 12inch $50 PASSER Angel 6-7 inch clown $15 huma huma trigger 5 in $60 yellow tang $40 a pair of maroon clown (they have mated) $120 pair thank you for your interest please email me at if you...
  3. Tonga live rock

    I have about 100+ lbs of tonga rock $5 per lbs pm me if you are interested
  4. LIVE ROCK ,Coralife Medal high light

    i have 100 lbs of live rock that purpul algee is growing on it. They are nice size rocks. $4 per pound. I also have a Coralife 2x150 Watt Remote Ballasts for Metal Halide with Antinic and Night Light that im asking $700. Please pm me with your # so i can call you back
  5. HELP MY TANK HAS Aiptasia WHat should i do?

    I thought that these things are good corals but i just found out that i was wrong!!!! Please tell me what to do!!!!!!
  6. 150 gal fish tank with everything you need including fish

    this is a 150 gal fish thank with wooden stand (black) with eqiupment, sand and fish 700
  7. wtb hippo tang

    hi im looking for a hippo tang about 3-4 in. if you have one and if you want to sell it let me know
  8. Tomato clown and lunar wrasse

    Both healthy and eat great breaking down my tank. Tomato $20 and lunar 60
  9. 150 gal fish tank with equipment and sand

    This is a beutiful set up with black wood stand and a 6 foot long tank. Call me if interested 516 455 7641 thank u

    they are all healthy im just breaking down my tank. luner wrasse 80, tomato 25
  11. Luner wrasse 8-9in, tomato clown 3in, tomni tang 4 in

    They are all healthy and eat great im just breaking down my tank 8-9 in lunar wrasse $100 3 in tomato clown $25 4 in tomni tang $40 i also have a 150 gal fish tank with the equipment and ater and sand if you are interseted please pm me
  12. 8 in wrasse f/s, tomni tang, and tomato clown

    I have a beuitiful wrasse for sale which is about 8-9 inch let me know if you are interested $100 i also have a tomni tang $40 and last but not the least a tomato clown for $25
  13. 150 gal fish tank with everything you need including fish

    This is a beutiful fish tank. It has about 150-200 lbs of rock and 4 fish. A 8-9 inch luner wrasse, tomni tang, tomato clown and a dog face puffer. It has a beutiful black wooden stand. It has all the equipment skimmer, fileter, sub pup, bioballs. This is an established tank. $1200