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  • hi Sanjay,
    Saw your fantastic clowns at the frag swap yesterday, I just bought another tank and was wondering if you would have one for sale in about a month or so?
    let me know
    Hi Sanjay,
    Doug Kevis here! Been a long time since we talked, how have you been?
    I've moved agin, and now live in Maryland. Hope all is well with you and the family. How's that monster tank at PS doing?
    Hello my friend you have a spectacular aquarium congratulations.
    I wonder what I have done to my aquarium so.
    Hello, my name is Richard and I am fairly new to reefing and Saltwater fish. I read that you bred the most beautiful clown fish. I am interested in breeding myself. My son and i are sharing this experience and I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction to start breeding. I am not looking to start a business, just enjoy the wonders with my children.

    Some of the information i am looking for is the proper set up for a breeding tank, Feeding fry and wether to purchase a mated pair or let them mature naturally.

    Thank you for your time

    Its not a big hassle with rotifers at all, since you can keep rotifer cultures going with little effort by feeding them instant aglae. Reed Mariculture (Reef Nutrition) sells both the instant algae and rotifers. They wont eat brine shrimp till about 5-9 days old.
    I just joined up myself (migzy) and my partner (salty). We are new to the hobby but Salty has a pair of breeding true percs that lay about 600-700 eggs every 2 weeks or so... I've heard to raise the babys you need to buy rotifers and it's a hassle. Can I use newly hatched brine to raise the fry? I hope I am using the correct terminology's here. Any help would be appreciatted as they are a nice pair and I have had them for 3 years.. Thanks salty
    Hi Sanjay..might you be willing to offer your opinion on the thread in Reefs for Beginners as to whether moonlighting has any benefit or does any harm? Please :flirt:
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