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  1. Shoutout! Happy Thanksgiving MR!!!!!

    Happy Thankgsiving to you all. The sun is as bright and as warm as this community today!
  2. Fish FS/FT - Royal Gramma (1.5") - $20

    Hey all, looking to remove a Royal Gramma from my tank and rehome it elsewhere. Fish is in great health, eats it all, and has never shown any signs of diseases or parasites. Located in 11205 and can meet in the city. Willing to trade for corals, with cash on top of my end if needed
  3. Coral Sunkist bounce for sale

    Received one at the recent MR Swap - as healthy as can be and as beautiful as ever. Thank you & buy with confidence!
  4. black friday!!!!!!!!

    Do you offer delivery services to 11205?
  5. Thank you GHL !!!

    Wow, amazing! Do you allow visitors? Would love to showcase this to my partner

    Suuuuper happy too see this. Well deserved and way to represent!! Congratulations!
  7. Frag Swap Swap Raffle Prizes are Rolling in!

    Are we able to know the mechanics behind the raffle eg ticket prices, allowance of vendors and employees to be included in the raffle, any rules in particular as well?
  8. Equipment WTB - Rodi Unit

    Hey all, looking for a Rodi Unit similar to the 4 stage BRS unit. Ty in advance!
  9. For Sale RDE’s, Fire & ice, Purple torch, beginner corals

    Hey all hope you’re well: Radioactive dragon eyes - 20+ polyps - $10 Fire and ice - 20+ polyps - $10 Eagle eyes - 6/7 polyps - $10 Purple torch with lighter purple tips - 1 head - $35 Green & blue Duncan - 1 head - $5 Algae was diatoms fwiw All purchased from pop corals in BK
  10. Frag Swap Swap Volunteers Needed!

    I will stay til 6 on Sunday to help clean up as much as I can before dinner at 630 in Williamsburg
  11. Question Neptune Trident

    I know @snipertwobe is looking to buy one if you're selling it
  12. Frag Swap Swap Donation Thread

    If that works for you That works for me! Was hoping to have them live in the Pratt tanks gloriously forever and ever
  13. Frag Swap Swap Donation Thread

    Would you accept a fire shrimp and a couple of nerites? I don’t want these guys to starve out in my tank and the shrimp looks like Godzilla in my 12 gallon lol
  14. Inverts Fire shrimp & nerites

    Hey all, looking to trade a larger fire shrimp, and you can have the two nerites free :) a bit to biggo for my tank. Seeking softies, Zoas, and lps and will put cash down on top of the shrimp if needed