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  1. black friday!!!!!!!!

    There was 4 pairs of black storms Wednesday
  2. Need help choosing a large cal reactor
  3. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    Yup. I'll PM you my info
  4. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    updated list.
  5. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    I have a couple frags made but nothing special. Lots of blondies
  6. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    Sure. What do you have?
  7. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    Not at the moment. I do have a yellow submarine waiting for you
  8. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    Acros TSA princess peach $100 (3 available) Lro poison ivy $100(2 available) Rr cj pinky (1 available) Sold Vivid confetti $150 (1 available) Sold Rr wonderland $100 (3 available) Rmf acid trip $75 (4 available) Jf TNT anacropa $100( 2 available) Tyree Pinky and the bear $50 (2 available) Wwc...
  9. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    $40 Reverse Prism Favia (3 available) $200 Large Reefkoi Bouncer $100 Small Reefkoi Bouncer $100 Small Reefkoi Bouncer Sold $75 CB 3g mummy eye $100 Small JB Sold
  10. Question Question about jawbreakers ??

    They are all discosomas. The eclectus came in a couple years ago. They seem to have more colors and different patterns. Also have purple monsters, tied dyed etc
  11. Question Thoughts on how I can remove this coral?

    The edges look like they arent attached to the rock. Sometimes they will just pop off.
  12. Question Thoughts on how I can remove this coral?

    Are you trying to remove it in 1 piece? If so then you would have to cut off with some rock. Multiple pieces you could pry it off.
  13. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    I am planning on being there by 11. I will post some more Acros and other frags later this weekend. OG Unique corals Ironman (1 adult with 3 babies)$850 Sold acro frag pack $200 sold Pc rainbow Ora pearl berry Rr pink caddy Wwc yellow tip Oregon tort Fragfarmers red Robin

    A geo 612 or 618 should be more than enough for that tank. I have 2 setup now and both are single chambers. The second chamber is supposed to help raise the pH before it gets into the tank. This may also mean that alk/cal drop out also. No need to setup while cycling.