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  • Hey thanks again for the frag and the RKL i love the tank hope i can get mine like that one day BTW the frag you gave me has already opened up i love it hope to see you again soon for that birdsnest and again thanks...ps tell the wife i got caught lol
    Hi Steph & Ziggy,
    Thank You so very much for Your time and really nice frags. I really appreciate them.Your tank is Awesome! It was very nice to meet You both. Very Happy New Year.......Thank You Again. Regards,Chuck
    Hey I see you went with the pacific sun LED's... What was wrong with the DIY ones you had? I'm going to meet with wingo on tuesday afternoon.. I think Im going to give him and his LED's a shot.. He will build them custume for my tank cause I have the half circle tank with limited openings in the top.. The hole top isnt open..
    Hey Ziggy, its coming along great. Getting delayed a little because I decided to go with another rimless 48 x 18 x 12 tank for the sump to match all of the tanks (for a nicer look). It also freed up about 350 gallons from my system because I'm not using that monster 400 gal Chem Vat for a rock sump anymore. After reading up a little more, I discovered that although the live rock does help nitrify waste in the system, there is very little needed because of the ULNS. So my system is the same display size but now only 600gal. That should save me a lot in dosing! Thanks for the interest!
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