New Here! Advice for beginners


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Don't get a tank unless you are 100% sure you are never moving out.
If you decide to go forward... Think of the logistics necessary to take it apart and out of your home. For some ****ing reason, it was not a easy as it was putting it together. My 2 cents.


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Well for starters...when putting a system together everything is dry and you're not dealing with live animals..... be it coral and/or fish. When taking things apart you have water, animals, sand etc. to deal with. A whole other story.....not as easy (I agree).


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get out now before you spends thousands on countless frags only to realize you need more room and a bigger tank...
Lol ! Wish I had this advise before I started.....
Just start with a decent size tank to make sure you like it before you go crazy
Learn patience , read a lot to understand what works and what does not
Don’t do to many things at one time
Use the for sale for some deals certain things
Use this forum and don’t be afraid to ask we are all here to learn and still learning
good luck & happy reefing


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Get the biggest setup you can fit in your space so you don’t have to worry about any upgrades later on make all your connections ready easy removal and be patience with all your tank decisions patience is the one true key