Red Sea Max (RSM) 130D Protein Skimmer


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What is the latest in best set ups for a nano protein skimmer for a RSM 130D Max? I hope to keep it as close to plug and play as possible, so it will fit in back of tank with no or minimal modifications to skimmer or tank. All the Google searches I do turn up threads with recommendations from 6-10 years ago. So, what are the latest recommendations? Is it still the Tunze 9004 (does even this fit in RSM 130D tank?) or Tunze 9002 (discontinued), the Aqua Medic Turbofloater 500, the CAD-Lights PLS 50 Elite II. Any others to consider? I'm not worried about price differences. My main search criteria is 1) fits in RSM 130D compartment, 2) Quiet (stock is so loud), and 3) works as good or better than most nano in-tank skimmers. Thanks for your help!


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This sale thread said that the Aquamaxx fit in his RSM 130D perfectly:

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