Question cycling with Bacto Blend from Fauna Marin


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Hi. I'm just getting back into the hobby after several years (and two country moves) away. I just started cycling my IM Nuvo Fusion 20 (info below) with Ocean Direct Live sand and Fauna Marin's Bacto Blend.

Has anyone used Bacto Blend before? Am I supposed to add an ammonia source?

I can't seem to find information on that on the Fauna Marin site or on the web. I'm also not sure if I need to kick-start the cycle with an ammonia source (shrimp or pure ammonia) when using a commercial bacterial source like Bacto Blend. I've only done it using live rock more than 10 years ago, and the die-off from the live rock during transport was enough to kick-start the cycle!

Here's how my tank looks after the first day of cycling.

Tank Info:
IM Nuvo Fusion 20 (cycle started 28/05/20)
- stock return pump with Auqa Gadget Spin Stream nozzle
- Eheim Jäger 75W heater
- Jebao SW2 wavemaker
- Tunze ATO 5017
- 2x Custom Caddy with filter floss
- Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 (not installed yet)
- lights (to be decided)
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I don't know about others but I see no reason not to ghost feed if you use a bacteria source. They will just die out otherwise? I use BioSpira and a table shrimp when I start up a tank and have no issues with it after 3 weeks start testing. Swap out the shrimp every week. It'll stink so good luck.

Some may not like it but dont be scared to buy a damsel after a few weeks and either return it to petco, LFS or give it away.