Oceanic 156 gallon for sale with stand

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Bronx new york
I am selling a 3 year old Oceanic 156 tank with dual overflows and 3 sides of starphire glass and a black background which comes stock from Oceanic [Not paint or a sticker]. The tank has the Oak trim on the top and bottom. I am also selling the stand With it, which was made out of 2x4's, 4x4's and wrapped 3/4" ply then in pine strips that have been coated in polyurethane. This is a package deal, I am not splitting it up. I am the 2nd owner and this tank Was purchased new directly from Oceanic. This tank measure 60" wide x 24" deep and 25" high. The stand is 33 1/2" high.

The tank has a few minor scratches but nothing that bothers me. They are small and not really noticeable. In the middle of this tank there are 2 pieces of glass which is from Oceanic as their support brace. The price is 450 for both the tank n stand. Tank is 450 with or without the stand. I have no use for it. I'm breaking this tank down for and upgrade I'm working on.Pm is key

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