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long island
I can bring them to ReefAPalooza NY on Sunday or pick up in Lindenhurst. I can also text you pics.


Sps (Most sps will be 1"+)

Reefgen orchid Stylo $15
Reefgen blue poly stylo $10
Rainbow Stylo (SMCOOLER) $15
DrMac Green Stylo $15
Pink Poccillopora Damicornis mutibranch $10
ORA sour apple multi branch $10
Ora Milka stylo mini colony$20
ORA birds of paradise birdsnest $10

Jasonnfox jose casa pink polyp Stylocoenelia $20 (soldout)
Jasonfox sunset Stylocoenelia $20 (soldout)
Jasonfox hair freak $20 (soldout)
Jason fox jack o latern $25 each
CheeryCorals DarthMaul Porities 1/2" $20 (soldout)
Dr mac Pablano melter lepto $15 (soldout)
Mike paletta purple porites $10
blue ridge coral $10

3 head frogspawn $20
5 head frogspawn $30
Original mummy eye chalice $30 each


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