Goniopora Packs, Space Invader, Colorful Yumas, Zoas and neon green Toadstool


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I have the following up for grabs. Please paypal to reserve. I would prefer for them to be picked up but can ship overnight through FedEx for additional $45 ($25 in NJ/NYC/PA). Pictures have been directly uploaded from camera. Minimum $200.
I took a videos of the Gonis from my display tank.

1) Gorgeous 7 pack signature Goniopora pack. The colors are getting brighter by every passing years. All of these have been with me for 2-4 years. $400. WYSIWYG

2) Same pack but couple of frags are a little smaller: $350. WYSIWYG

4) Space Invader Pectina: $40. WYSIWYG

5) Three Yuma pack: The yellow Yuma is directly from zoanthids.com. The bright red one, I fragged it for the first time. it is actually red with decent green in the center but since the Yuma is kept very high (300+ PAR), it has turned all red. $250. WYSIWYG

6) The same Bright redwith green center. I have 5 of these. Picture of mommy below. $80

7) Red with purple background. $50. WYSIWYG

8) Was not planning to frag but broke a branch of one of my prized SPS. see for yourself. $80. WYSIWYG

10) Rainbow rhodactis: 2 polyps $80. 1 polyp $40. WYSIWYG

11) florescent green rodactis: 1 polyp $40. WYSIWYG

12) Jawbreaker....the larger one in the pic above. $200. WYSIWYG

13) Two large tyree Toadstools. I have 3 of them....all 7 inches plus. $80 each. Pictured below 2 of them.

14) Grandis Paly- Huge polyp - $40. WYSIWYG

15) 2 smaller Grandis - $40WYSIWYG

16) Yellow Zoa mini colonies. Each frag is $40 each. WYSIWYG

17) Armageddon 2 polyps. $40 for the 7 fat polyps. WYSIWYG

18) tyree orange mini colony. $40. WYSIWYG

19) I have 7 Godspawn Bounce mushrooms. Lineage directly from TSM corals. All of them are 1-2 inches. $50 each. Only showing 2 of them below. These are on 2 inch frag disk.

That's it for now.

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