Big piece of Pink Waving Hand Anthelia on rock & Rock Anemone


Manhattan Reefs
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long island
have a big chunk of rock with a ton of pink waving hand anthelia on it. very nice piece, this coral can live in pretty much anything, is not pulsing like Xenia. Grows super fast and can be fragged/cut back easily the rock also has an orange rock anemone on it that has been there for ever. This coral is also very friendly so it will not sting or bother other corals in the tank.

[/url]IMG_0704 by Daniel Alexander, on Flickr[/IMG]

Rock is about 6 inches long and about 3.5" wide
will not split up

asking 40$ for the whole piece with the rock anemone or will trade for other corals (GSP,Zoas, Palys, Frogspawn, torch, hammer, mushrooms etc.)

Pick up or meet only in Suffolk County NY

6317427776 text or call or pm me here.