Coral Acros - Montis - Torches - Chalices - Hammers


Manhattan Reefs
Rating - 100%
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Have a ton of nice colorful healed pieces. Frags to mini colonies and a few nice colonies as well.
Pick up in Huntington PM or I can meet with a pack. Paypal to hold

Show size Duncan - over 200 heads $300
15 Head Duncan $100

Also have a few more Hammers adding to the mix.
Branching Hammers.
Marbled single and multi branch starting at $40

Regular green $40 a head
Toxic green start at $50 multi heads $60 and up
Black Sunset $75 head multiples $100 and up
Miami Sunset $150
Rasta $150 Head
Orange Tip $200 head Have a nice 4 head $500
Dragon soul - $400 head few multiples also

Acros - $40 and up depending on size and what it is
Deals on multiples - some I only have 1 or 2 available

Lime in the Sky
Christmas mirablis 2 left
Frag farmers Red Robin
WWC hyperpink one left
Red Dragon sold out
Rainbow Loom one left
Pink lemonade - Mini Colony sold
PC rainbow one left
Green Slimer
Orange Tip green vermiculata 2 left
Tri color valida
Myagi tort
Hawkins wild and ora
Branching cypestria sold out
Neon green psomocora
Bali short cake 2 left
Rainbow Granulosa 2 left

Black Sunset Torches Multi Heads - Start at $75
Miami Hurricane Torches - Multi Heads - Start at $100
Toxic Green Torches - Multi Heads - Start at $60

Pink Boobies
JF Goldmeister
OG Mummy Eye 2 left
Few Others

6-7 varieties all good prices encrusted colorful and healed - $20 and up

3 for 50 really nice pieces


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